by Rebecca Schattner

Where is my dream? Where is my knight?

Where is the one I've loved all my lives?
Two worlds severed by ages of pain
Two hearts once one, now split in twain

And what could bring him back to me?

For never was I a great beauty
Knight of the Shining Ones was he,
And I, a fairy commoner be

But return to save me he has sworn

To take me from where dreams are mourned
And together on that day
Returning through the gates of Fae

Yet I fear he may not come

The stars glow red and blood does run
Winds blow cold and my heart grows old
And through babe's mouths the end is told

The sword is lost, the king is gone

Hope is sheared and life is torn
A knife stuck deep inside my chest
And even with my dying breath
I close my eyes and dare to dream
My love's warm touch embracing me

And in death there is no pain

It comforts me as I wane
To know I shall return again
Mortal shell and fairy mien
To await my golden knight
After centuries, lives of plight
Finally all shall be made right