(Editor's Note: All of these (as well as the Melitha stories and Mistypaw's Tale) were gathered from the defunct fansite Mistypaw's Pooka Place. Given that all of these are by the same author, and some are about Changeling, some aren't, I saw it fit to publish them together rather than break them up. I considered leaving them behind, but I am devoted to putting up as much Changeling material as possible. I just hope I haven't sacrificed any quality of this site in doing so.)

By Mistypaw

The Mask

See my face the mask that lies

It's eyes are sparkling

It's smiling wide

Made of the hardest of metals

Forged in the hottest of flames

Behind it lies a void

Inside this hides my pain

The pain has a mask of its own

It hides in the dark of my heart

All alone

No one can find it

From shame it is safe

This mask is of crystal

One tear on it's face

Represents all of the dreams laid to waste

Worlds Within

Magic, Faeries, Witches, Ghosts

Don't exist, some people boast

But they don't know just what is

We are small, Our world is big

Much larger than as it seems

For more resides in you and me

Seek within your mind and soul

To find the knowledge you yearn to know

Too Tired!

Don't ask me to walk

To stalk or to talk

I won't cause i'm simply too tired.

Don't ask me why

I'll only just sigh

With a great big cry

I'm tired!

So please leave me be

For if you were like me

You'd know what I mean.

I'm too tired!


Walking down some alley

Or stalking through the night

Catching things of prey

Like lizards, rodents, rats, or mice

Each are very different

As daylight is to night

Some like to run wild

While others are held tight

Special Person

It takes a special person

To talk with

To work with

To share with

It takes a special person

Who knows when to laugh

Who knows when to be silent

Who knows when to ask questions

It takes a special person

A person that cares

A person that knows just what to do

A person that is always ready to help

It takes a special person

Someone full of surprises

Someone who's fun to be with

Someone willing to do all they can

It takes a special person

To be a friend

To be a lover

To make a difference

Once upon a time....

In a land far far away

At least thats what they always say

Mermaids played deep in the sea

But it was a different world, you see?

Witches, dragons, and gryphons did fly

But here you will never see them in the sky

And unicorns ran through enchanted woods

But don't think it's real, it'll do you no good.

This is a world of work and of rules

There aren't any princes or magical jewels

You can find that world, I tell you no lie

And that world can become this one

If your brave and do try

Live by your own rules and this world is yours

To bend into any shape, meet any cause

Anything can be, if you only believe

And never give up in the magic of dreams.


I walk along the beach

All alone bare feet

Along the waters edge

While all the all the world does sleep

I look behind, towards the road

Where all day cars go by

Those who care not for the earth

Later they shall cry

I walk along the shore

And soon the road is gone

In it’s place a forest

In my ears birdsong

As the moon plays on the waves

Around me forms a mist

My heart and breath in rhythm

And from this world I drift

On top of a high rock

Behind me are the trees

Before me lies a field

Beyond that lies the sea

In the field people dance

By the full moon light

Around a crater full of rocks

In which a fire ignites

The fire stretches for the sky

Out steps a Woman and Man

People cheer and sing for them

As they walk hand in hand

To the water they wander

Into the moon they fly

The People try to follow

At the shore they stand and cry

I watch then fly

And I too rise

Towards the moon

Through the sky

A silver light engulfs me

Within it I’m reborn

The silver light becomes me

And to this light I’m sworn

I awake on the beach where I started

Above me the tree branches sway

I know that the light is inside me

And will stay within me always

Coming of Age

Children of the world

I love you all the same

I like watching you play

Your simple playground games

Mom and Daddy kiss goodnight

And lay you on the bed

Head upon your pillow

Dreams inside your head

But one day you’ll wake up

Innocent no more

No drapes to hide the sunlight

Life knocking at your door

You take some steps and stumble

Unsure how to proceed

You trip and fall, For help you call

The knocking your only lead

I know it’s hard to answer

The door that seems so far

You see your bed behind you

Resisting it is hard

The door is hard to open

The lock is hard to turn

The light is harsh and blinding

The pain is hard to learn

Yet it’s something we all do

And if you let me I’ll help you

To find your way and face the day

For life can be fun too


How can so many be so blind?

Jesus, Buddha, Allah, God and Goddess

Made all of us many shades

Of black, white, and red

But what does color matter?

American, Oriental, African

What does location matter?

We all have souls


There is no One True Way

There is no One True Color

There is no One True God

But there is

One Way, One Color, One God

All the different Ways together

All the different Colors together

All the different Gods together

Equal One

The Old Ancient Ways

Does no one now feel the call

To hearken the old ancient ways

To pray to a Goddess as well as a God

To sit around hearth fires and say

That we are all one with each other

And that each person has their own way

This is how it used to be

When we lived by the old ancient ways

Then dominant people with dominant ways

Came forth from the mountains and seas

To burn and to hang all those who dared

To see things differently

So those voices that made themselves silent

And those with their pleas left unheard

Ran to the mountains and hid in the hills

Quietly spreading the word

That one day they shall resurface

But only when people are strong

So they can make their own decisions

And see how just one way is wrong

Today the silence is broken

And words long repressed do say

That soon we shall be returning

To live by the old ancient ways


Don’t ask any questions

Don’t bother, don’t try

It’s logic and science

That tells you the lies

Would you question a child

If you looked in her eyes

Simple understanding

Hiding behind

Would you question your heart If it showed you the way

Or choose to ignore it

Suffer one more day

Would you question the stars

If you looked in the sky

Infinite darkness

Or chances untried

Don’t ask any questions

Don’t bother, don’t try

It’s logic and science

That tells you the lies

Follow your own path

Dream your own dreams

In life things are rarely

All that they seem


Magick is in everything

If only you would see it

The sun makes trees and flowers grow

Subterranean waters flow

Through your hair the wind does blow

And every little child knows

That magick is in everything

If only you would see it.

Paladin’s Rede

With a sword of light

to fend off the dark

With a sword of right

to fend off the wrong

With a sword of might

to defend those not strong

A lion’s courage

to stare in danger’s eye

A beaver’s persistence

from work not to shy

An owl’s wisdom

to know what are lies

Like a father, protect and defend

Like a Mother, trust and mend

Have honor and patience and never give up

Keep love in your heart, God’s holy touch

Longing for Lost Love

Where is my dream? Where is my knight?

Where is the one I've loved all my lives?

Two worlds severed by ages of pain

Two hearts once one, now split in twain

And what could bring him back to me?

For never was I a great beauty

Knight of the Shining Ones was he,

And I, a fairy commoner be

But return to save me he has sworn

To take me from where dreams are mourned

And together on that day

Returning through the gates of Fae

Yet I fear he may not come

The stars glow red and blood does run

Winds blow cold and my heart grows old

And through babe's mouths the end is told

The sword is lost, the king is gone

Hope is sheared and life is torn

A knife stuck deep inside my chest

And even with my dying breath

I close my eyes and dare to dream

My love's warm touch embracing me

And in death there is no pain

It comforts me as I wane

To know I shall return again

Mortal shell and fairy mien

To await my golden knight

After centuries, lives of plight

Finally all shall be made right

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